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December 31, 2016: Forsyth Park Learning Inc. has closed for business and will not be accepting new subscriptions or renewals. If you are an existing facility subscriber your login to this site will remain valid until the end of your subscription. If you are an individual or shared group account subscriber you will have been sent login details to a different site to use for the duration of your subscription.

Support issues can still be submitted by email to or by phone to 1-877-345-2826 x 200.

Our sincere thanks to all our subscribers for their support and use of the Forsyth Park Learning online courses and resources.


Quiz Questions taking a long time to load?

This is caused by the white progress bar taking too long to move across the screen. To solve this, click at the very far right end of the progress bar's range. This will snap the progress bar all the way across to the end. You will then be able to proceed.


A note about platforms and internet browsers:

Currently our courses are not available on mobile platforms. For desk tops and laptops there are many different Internet browsers available today. As browsers continually issue their own updates the compatibility with our system can change. Currently we recommend using Chrome or Safari (Mac only) to ensure the smoothest performance. We do not recommend using Internet Explorer, and you may experience some issues with Firefox. If you encounter any difficulties such as the module stalling then please try it using a different browser. Google Chrome is both quick and simple to download if needed. If you need to do this make sure you log out from your Forsyth Park Learning account before re-starting the module in a different browser so you aren't logged in twice.

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